Why choose me? 

Muttley the DJ gets great reviews...

Great Customer Service

Let's discuss your event over a coffee to find out what will make your party go with a bang! You'll be speaking to me, and I'll be your DJ as there is no-one else so you know exactly who you are booking...

I'll give friendly advice on what was popular at previous weddings and parties.  We'll also discuss the first dance at your wedding reception if you haven't chosen one yet!

It'll be Fun!

Expect the unexpected - maybe inflatable guitars, wigs, UV lights, glow sticks, neon face paint?... let's make it a memorable night! 

It'll look and sound great!

I use lighting appropriate for the venue and occasion.  This can include wall lights, lasers, spots or lights with beams that scan the dance floor - and a smoke machine if the venue permits. Look at the pictures in the gallery to get an idea...

My speakers and equipment are all high quality and industry-rated. If you need to make a speech, you can use my wireless microphones so that everyone can hear you!

I dress according to party requirements (nothing worse than the wedding DJ in jeans if everyone else is dressed smartly!).

Details of public gigs (Pubs etc) and other fun stuff are on my Social Media pages (below). You can also use these for music enquiries or advice on anything about your disco or party. I regularly post updates and advice concerning outside influences that may affect bookings - such as safety protocol during Covid-19.

I have a huge music collection and I'll play chart songs, disco tunes, party tracks, or anything you want! Or I can play Rock , Soul, Punk, Funk, Brit Pop, Swing, Reggae, Curious Covers, Mash-Ups, or any theme night. .. Even a disco for people that don't like discos! (Ask about a theme night called 'NFHM'!). I'm currently DJing every Friday night at The Bootlegger in Brighton playing Rock 'n' Roll, Swing, Blues and Soul so if that's your thing then come down and lindyhop or jitterbug or..

I cater to special needs, disabled guests, elderly or young with a warm and inclusive attitude to all my clients. I look forward to hearing from you - please contact me now!